Rasant-Oxella 25 - X2000 White

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Rasant-Oxella 25 - X2000 White

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 Rasant-Oxella 25.

The sewing thread for high stressed seams on tents, tarpaulins, heavy fabrics and upholstery.

Rasant-Oxella 25 is a functional sewing thread, it's perfect combination of high-tenacity polyester in the core and with a cotton covering makes Rasant outstandingly efficient.

* The sewing thread with a special finish for heavy-duty applications

* For closing and lockstitch seams

* Noble dull look

* Extremely durable in the seam

Recommended needle size Nm 130 - 160

* 2,750mt cone

* Colour X2000 White
Rasant-Oxella 25 - X2000 White